The waiting game.

I am just not a blogger. I just can't do it. I love reading though. I think there are wonderful people in the world who have wonderful things to say. I can write right now because I am basically bed ridden.

I have a ruptured ovarian cyst. It all started sunday, i had sharp pains in the lower left corner of my stomach. It hurt but not too bad. THe next morning I woke up and it hurt more. I went to work and ended up crying because the pain had gotten so intense. My boyfriends mom picked me up because I couldn't drive. She took me to Kaiser and My dirty, smelly, wonderful, lovely boyfriend met me there. I was pulled it so they could take my stats. They put me at the top of the list,( this means nothing when you feel like you are dying). They told me they thought something was wrong with my ovaries. I was terrified. They put in an IV- it came out, they tried on my other arm- it came out. She finally got it in the side of my arm. They took blood and gave me some morphine. P.s. I have not eaten all frickin day. I had to go take a CT scan. I got sick, waited hours. Finally went back and they told me I had a ruptured ovarian cyst, 12 hours later, what they thought I had in the first place.

Apparently, I had a cyst the grew and grew and never dissolved and ruptured, probably while I was at work. My body is supposed to absorb the liquid from the cyst but it is going to be extremely painful so they put me on some very nice pain killers that just so happen to only work for a few hours... but it is supposed to start going away and it hasn't. It still hurts, the same as it used to. I'm scared Im having complications, what if I am bleeding internally or something crazy because I am hurting alot. And they didn't give me any antibiotics, which I think they should have, and my friend who is a nurse said they should have. Right now I am playing the waiting game.... I hate it. It's terrifying.


To the edge of the world and back.

I have incredible friends. My painting party did not go as planned. We mostly sat and ate pizza and talked. It was very much worth it. This weekend however was incredible and hilarious. I went to UCLA. With my friends. It was not the best time I have ever had there. The next night however, was amazing. I had a small shin dig with Digorno Pizza and friends. We sat and talked, listened to music and had a good time. I had to tell someone a secret I knew about his ex-girlfriend and my ex-boyfriend. It was tragic but necessary. I also danced, laughed, and smiled a lot.

We sat talking about high school and now and someone said. You guys had super shady friends. I thought about it and it is more than true. The boys liked all the girls and anyone's relationship never seemed to really stand in anyone's way. I like my now friends. They are respectful and know the friend rules of life. We all have an incredible time. We can sit and do nothing or go to the edge of the world and back.


Grace in Small Things 8/365

1. sleeping in.
2. Extreme Makeover:home edition
3. kids cones
4. lunch with my sister
5. laying in bed talking


6 and 7

Due to my unreliable internet I cannot post the way I would love to. But I write them down.
1. Microwave meals when you are too hungry and working
2. Thinking of the games you played as a kid.
3. A "just to say I love you" message on your phone when you get off work
2. Taylor Swift
1. Taking a nap.

5. Bj's chili cheese fries (with no sour cream.
4. The Boondock Saints with friends.
3. The smell of vanilla candles
2. A swiffer wet jet
1. Ricardo getting his cell phone back.


Inconsistencies. My apologies.

So I didn't have a computer so I did not get to post my grace in small things fro Friday or Saturday but I do today, although it's reliability is nowhere near good.

Well here is my 4 and 5.... I wrote them down in my Moleskine Notebook for safe keeping

4/365 Grace in Small Things
1. Dancing till your feet hurt.
2. Getting to know relatively new coworkers.
3. Mi Ranchito Tacos in 20 minutes with friends.
4. Costume Parties
5. The toast your butt option in some cars.

1. almost being done unpacking.
2. Sunny Delight
3. Parties with friends
4. recovering from two nights of fun
5. my friends. they are amazing.


Grace in Small Things 3/365

1. Purple Coats
2. Slice of Pink
3. A new wall quote at work. I can't remember it, it was good.
4. Glow in the dark framed glasses
5. Love letters.

I'm hilarious.

“He does things for me no one else will. Like laugh at my jokes. Not that he thinks they are funny. You see, I am not funny. But because he knows I am not funny and he knows no one else will laugh. So to save me from my own embarrassment, he laughs. When no one else will. No one thinks of me any differently because at least someone laughed at my joke. They just look at him judgingly because he laughed at my not so funny joke. Sacrifice.” I think that’s nice.